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  • Commercial Applications
  • Create your unique space and expand seasonal or permanent activities for your customers or employees with Canvas Specialty's Commercial Structures. From simple to lavish, small to extra large, our Commercial Structures combine beauty, function and efficiency to provide the perfect event venue for: Party and Event Rental houses, Hotels and Resorts, Convention and Exhibition markets and Sports Arenas, Amusement Parks and Gaming Pavillions.

    Structures are also built out for a variety of Industrial applications for: Airports, Municipalities and Public Works Sectors, Oil / Gas / Mining disciplines, Environmental Remediation and Warehousing. Safety is maximized as all installation is done from ground level. Fabric is made in the USA with Standard 18 oz laminate tops, meets flame certification and is mildew resistant.
  • Military Applications
  • Canvas Specialty has manufactured military shelters since 1943. Large Area Maintenance Shelters for Vehicles (LAMS-VM) have been the US Army / Natick Material Command Unit's preferred vehicle storage/maintenance shelter since Operation Desert Storm. Additionally, the Aviation and Large Truss LAMS (LAMS-AM and LAMS-AT), Morale, Wellness and Recreation Structures and Camp and Housing structures are deployed for global / US Military operations in Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Singapore, Europe and the US.

    Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, our buildings are temporary, re-locatable and expandable with modular components. Structures can be installed on airfields, camps, centers, combat training areas, FOB, Forward Operating Bases, TOC, Tactical Operation Centers, forts, depots, ranges, medical centers or proving grounds. Structures are also used as barracks or garrisons; for arsenal, equipment or medical protection and storage; outfitted with laboratories, HVAC and manual or automatic doors.
  • Housing, Camp & FEMA
  • The Canvas Specialty Housing and Camp structures are designed and deployed to provide comfort, shelter and protection for military personnel. Ideal for garrisons or barracks, the heavy paneling minimalizes exterior sounds and insures a controlled interior temperature. All housing units can be outfitted with bunks, bathrooms, and full HVAC packages.

    Canvas Specialty’s Housing and Camp structures represent the evolution of nearly 70-years of tent and engineered structure manufacturing experience. Canvas Specialty’s tension structures have been deployed worldwide in the driest and hottest weather conditions (150oF), to conditions of severe low temperatures, snow and ice (-60oF).

    Our structures are engineered for each application insuring that each structure will be as light and compact as possible.

    Canvas Specialty’s structures are used in industries ranging from oil and gas exploration to FEMA applications. The structures are designed to be deployed quickly and can be used for short-term applications, or permanent installations. Canvas Specialty’s designs focus on strength and simplicity.
    13 30 00 Special Structures - 13 31 00 Fabric Structures - 13 31 23 Tensioned Fabric Structures - 13 31 33 Framed Fabric Structures
    GSA# GS-07F-0134X - SIN 361 10D: Pre-Engineerd and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures for Military, Disaster/Emergency Response, and Medical Facility